Reason no. 01

Buy less, chill more.

“I’m so happy I get to buy more tampons.” said no one, ever. When you upgrade to reusable period care, you can finally say bye to the awkward late night drug store runs. One cup can last you up to 10 years.

Reason no. 02

Unchain yourself from the bathroom.

Instantly go from wasting time changing tampons to confidently managing your period with less leaks, discomfort, or concerns. The best part? You’ll only need to change your cup 1-2 times per day.

Reason no. 03

Clean it up.

Pop quiz: Did you know one large menstrual cup equals around 5 tampons? That means switching to a cup saves around 25 tampons per period… adding up to over 300 less tampons (and waste) annually. Find a good reason to keep using tampons… we’ll wait. *wink*

Reason no. 04

Your body (and your wallet) will thank you.

When using a cup, women have expressed less discomfort and cramping, meaning they also benefit from an improved mood and less disruption to their lives. Switching to a cup from tampons also greatly reduces the risk of toxic shock syndrome, not to mention saves cup users about $50 a year. Cha-Ching!

Meet Our Founder

Heather Lovato

Founder and CEO

How did you get started?

I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit and have been dreaming up business ideas since I was a little girl. I even started a scrapbooking company to help put myself through college – scrap monkey was pretty scrappy! ;) After getting my BA in Communications with an emphasis on PR, I landed a job in digital marketing in 2006. I quickly realized that I didn’t want to promote just any brand, I wanted to help elevate brands that were doing something different, good and exciting for their customers. This led me to start a conscious creative agency in 2013. Working with beauty, health and wellness brands over the last decade has ignited my own passion to make a difference, as well.

What inspired you to start a period care line?

Periods aren’t supposed to be uncomfortable, but as women we often don’t know any different. Switching to cups absolutely changed my menstruation experience! I’ve always had unruly periods and I just thought that was part of being a woman - a week every month full of discomfort and raging emotions. After having children my periods got even worse… which I didn’t think was even possible. After my second child I discovered period cups and decided to try it. One period and I was hooked. 

After using these products I realized there were so many things I wish I had when starting to use a cup (and even now, but don’t worry, we’re creating them). I am so excited to help women feel more confident, comfortable and at ease when it comes to period care. Reusable period care doesn't need to be scary or messy, so we’re changing that. Periods may suck, but period care doesn’t have to.

Were you always cup obsessed?

I switched to cups almost a year ago after consistently experiencing abdominal and vaginal pain before and during my periods. I’ve always had a heavy flow and would go through a super plus tampon in under 2 hours (seriously inconvenient). And I know I’m not alone – the truth is so many women have heavy periods and think it’s “just how it is.” After trying a cup and experiencing zero cramps or vaginal pain, my mind was blown. I realized my symptoms were my body trying to tell me tampons weren’t the right way to care of myself during my periods. Then and there, I became the poster child for cups – I couldn’t stop talking about them to all of my friends… seriously, just ask them. I’m obsessed and you will be too. 

What does rhythm mean to you?

I  always say “it’s not about finding balance, it’s about finding your rhythm.”When I had kids, I wholeheartedly felt the need to abandon the “B” word… BALANCE. It’s a facade! Life isn’t balanced, you have to find your rhythm and navigate the highs and the lows together. Much like a period, you have to find your flow – it’s not one size fits all. As a company, we help women navigate their whole cycle to find their rhythm, not just the days they are on their period.

“Reusable period care doesn’t need to be scary or messy, so we’re changing that. Periods may suck, but period care doesn’t have to.”

Don’t just hear it from us!

Meet The Experts

We’ve curated the crème de la crème of experts to help us validate, research and support our community as you get familiar with using reusable period care products and menstrual support supplements. Here’s more about them:

Tanya Ambrose

Public Health Expert, Doula and Non-Profit Founder

Tanya Ambrose graduated from Georgia State University, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health. Tanya is a compassionate and dynamic public health professional seasoned in clinical care and public health customer service. At her day job, Tanya currently works as a Maternal, Child, and Reproductive Health specialist working to bridge gaps in existing health and social service programs. Tanya is also the Founder and CEO of the nonprofit Scrub Life Cares, a nonprofit organization dedicated to Serving women & youths in underserved communities by promoting menstrual & reproductive health education, achieving menstrual equity, and bridging the gap to access menstrual products.

Tanya is currently obtaining her Certified Lactation Consultant certification (CLC) and her Certified Health Education Specialist certification (CHES).  When she isn’t working or studying you can find her hosting “Tea With Tanya Podcast,” where she has candid conversations about health and wellness and public health stories.

go-to PMS Craving

I’ve noticed that when I’m on my period, especially towards the end, I crave French fries from Bojangles, a pretty popular fast food restaurant in the South where I live. I often only want their fries because of how salty they are, and that usually comforts me, even from a mental standpoint.  The other thing that I crave more during my period is pitted prunes. I usually snack on pitted prunes outside of my period, but whenever I’m on my period, I crave them more than usual.

Why are you passionate about women's health?

Health class and doing a Study Abroad Stint in Uganda, Africa I remember seeing women not having much but still making a way to provide for their families. I remember thinking to myself, what happens to them after we donate our items, leave the country and return to our place of privilege? That is where my passion grew. That led me to start my nonprofit organization, called Scrub Life Cares. Our goal is to educate and empower women and those who menstruate by changing the narrative surrounding periods, distributing menstrual products and other essential items needed to function daily. We believe that every person who menstruates should have access to these basic essential items and understanding of their bodies.

Alea Stevens

Registered Dietician

Alea graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. She chose this field because she's passionate about helping people find optimal nutrition in their lives in an obtainable and realistic way. As a Registered Dietitian, she spent nearly five years in the clinical setting, helping children and adults with special health needs. She currently works in public health, empowering women to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.  One of her most impactful experiences was working with women in Ghana, Africa and researching maternal and infant nutrition practices to provide better health outcomes. 

Go-to PMS Craving

My go-to period craving is ice cream or fresh fruit. Usually, I’ll make my own "banana ice cream" by blending frozen bananas and cocoa powder. Sprinkle some chopped walnuts on top and you’re good to go. I can’t think of a more satisfying and healthy treat while on my period! 

What Makes You Passionate About Women's Health?

I see the disparities of women every day working as a public health dietitian. I believe women matter and deserve to have their voices heard in health care. It is my goal to share the knowledge and joy I have to make the lives of women better every day.

Emily Brown

Functional Nutritionist + Hormone Expert

Emily Brown is the founder of Genetic Garden, she’s an integrative and functional nutrition practitioner, epigenetics expert, and Pilates pro, as quoted in goop! She developed the Genetic Garden program based on the fact that every human body is unique and in order to achieve results, we must understand the whole picture - food sensitivities, energy levels, sleep habits, stress levels, hormones, exercise and of course, DNA.  

Her approach is client-centric, collaborative and takes each unique personality into consideration when working with clients. She holds them accountable while providing tools and resources so they may take control of their health. Emily aims to change the way modern society understands their body and takes preventative measures to live long vibrant lives. 


Chocolate, I know it's cliche so I'll give it some flare. I love to make single serving nut butter fondant cakes, or superfood bark to get iron, magnesium, fats, and antioxidants to support my cycle, while keeping it low sugar to prevent cramps and inflammation. The sneaky trick for me is to cater to my own cravings in the kitchen. It keeps me centered through creating and cooking and allows sweet treats I know will be nourishing.

What makes you passionate about women's health?

We are unbelievably underrepresented in science, which means we go under-diagnosed, we get dismissed, and we get called crazy.  I will be the person shouting from the rooftops if it makes one woman feel seen, heard, and represented in their health struggles. Women's health isn't a priority in the conventional health care system. So, I listened and became my own functional health detective, here to serve!

Sara Lyon

Childbirth Educator, Doula and Licensed Massage Therapist

Sara Lyon brings her passion and rich experience as a doula, childbirth educator and mother to all pre and postnatal women seeking support for the growing needs of their minds and bodies. 

She is the author of The Birth Deck and You’ve Got This: Your Guide to Getting Comfortable with Labor and founder of Glow® Birth & Body, a prenatal and postpartum massage therapy practice serving Oakland and Chicago. Glow® has supported more than 10,000 families since its founding in 2010.

Go-to PMS craving

Like most women, my entire body changes across the menstrual cycle, from my weight on the scale, to the efficiency of my digestion. My cravings come about 4 days before my cycle starts, and I will invariably lean towards sweet and salt: peanut butter m&ms and jalapeño kettle chips always do the trick. The rest of the month, my diet is pretty clean with my cravings tending towards bright, healthy foods like fresh greens and protein. 

Why are you passionate about women's health?

Women’s health is the canary in the coal mine, the indicator for all that is good and ill with society and climate. Our bodies reflect conflict, stress and pollution through changes in our fertility and menstrual arc. Working in perinatal care, I am constantly learning as I am serving - it’s endlessly fulfilling and deeply humbling.