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Classic Menstrual Disc

Classic Menstrual Disc

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Ultra-soft silicone, comfortable fit

Up to 12 hours of protection

Safe for sex & partner approved!



Ready for your period to stop getting in your way? With our Classic Menstrual Disc you can workout, have sex, enjoy less trips to the bathroom – all while having peace of mind. One size fits most. 

+ Classic Disc

+ Storage Can

+ Cloth Travel Bag

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Kammy S.

I have a high cervix and this works perfectly!!! I have had no leaks and no complications. This disc can even stay in during sex!

Tina J.

First of all, I love having one of these in my purse for emergencies. The material is smooth, soft and medical grade. I also love that it came sealed and a very nice silk bag for you to store it in when not in use, as well as a canister for when you are using it.


Best one, soft and works. Takes some practice but really the best so far, and I have tried couple different kinds. Thank you!

About Your UTI

Common Questions

What's the difference between a cup and a disc?

Outside of their distinct shape, cups sit lower in the vaginal canal and use suction to stay in place and collect your period blood. A disc sits higher, in the wider part by your cervix, and held in place with your pubic bone. Discs can be used during sex, similar to a diaphragm. Both can hold multiple tampons depending on what size you purchase.

How long will it take me to learn how to use my disc?

While every individual is different, the average learning curve is 1-3 cycles. So don't fret if you're not an expert by the first use. ;) By the 3rd cycle, you should be feeling pretty comfortable (but if not, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have at

How often do I have to clean my disc?

1. We recommend cleaning your disc with every use. Before using, we recommend sterilizing. You can do this by placing it in a heat resistant bowl or mug and covering with boiling water or using one of our cleaning containers like our cleansing cup or Steam Sesh Cleansing Bags. Watch out – it can be hot after cleansing so make sure to let it cool prior to touching or reinserting. Let it sit for up to 10 min before removing and then let it air dry. Repeat the same steps to clean your disc after each use. 

2. All done with your period? Sterilize again by following the instructions above and put your clean, fully dry, disc back in the satin bag or cleansing cup to keep clean before your next period.

What is the disc made of?

​​Our discs are made of 100% recyclable, ultra-soft, medical grade silicone free of microplastics.

How do I remove my disc?

Although you can safely wear your disc for up to 12 hours, on the heaviest days of your period you may want to change your disc more often. Start by relaxing (take a deep breath or two if it has been an hectic day) and lightly tug on the pull tab of the disc with your index finger while moving the disc downward toward the opening of your vagina. As it comes closer grab the base of the disc to help remove it completely. Once removed, dump the contents into the toilet. 

How often should I change my disc?

Every 12 hours is a great general rule. Think of it like brushing your teeth, once in the morning and once at night. Ideally, it’s nice to have 2-3 discs on hand so you can rotate properly. If not, just make sure to clean your disc before using it again. Click here for our hygiene products that can help with keeping your disc squeaky clean.

Can I sleep in my disc?

Yes you can. Just like we mentioned above, changing every 12 hours is a great rule so empty and swap with a clean disc before bed and you should be good to go. Night night! 

Can I have sex with my disc in?

Your partner may feel it more than you, some have said this can lead to a more pleasurable experience while others have not liked the sensation. With everything, it is really a personal preference to experiment and see what works best for you.

How should I prepare for sex when using a disc?

Depending on when you changed your disc last, we do recommend changing it prior to sex.


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