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Pull it Together Wipes

Pull it Together Wipes

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Perfect for cup/disc changes on-the-go

Great for post sex clean up

Biodegradable, plant-based formulation



Meet our pH balanced wipes, formulated to restore your lady parts with hydration and balance on the go or at home, because even down there needs some love and care. All our formulations are plant based and paraben, fragrance, dye and cruelty- free.

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Terry G.

These wipes have the perfect moisture and are super soft to keep me clean and healthy down there!

Sara B.

I can't live without these! I use them all the time on my period or otherwise. They come in so handy on the go to clean myself and my cup!

Kari L.

I have tried many different brands of wipes and I honestly love these best. I don't leave home without them. Plus they are SO chic so I don't feel weird if someone sees them.

No Worries. You Are Covered With Our 90-Day Satisfaction Promise!

Why You’ll Love It!


No Animal Testing Ever

Never, ever, ever would we test our products on our cuddly friends.


Squeaky Clean

Plant based and paraben, fragrance, dye- free for even the most sensitive skin 


Travel Friendly

Comes in convenient individually wrapped packaging for on-the-go. 


Oh So Fresh

Formulated to restore your lady parts with hydration and balance.

About Your UTI

Common Questions

What are the wipes made of?

Bamboo viscose to help with the ability to decompose easier. We like to be kind to mother earth.

Are they paraben, fragrance, dye and cruelty- free?

Yes they are!

I have sensitive skin, can I use these? 

Our formulation is made for sensitive skin, but to be sure do a patch test (wipe on a small part of your inner leg) to ensure no reaction.

How Many Come in a Box?

10 individual wipes.

Can you flush them?

While technically yes, we recommend throwing them out anyways to be safe!

Are they biodegradable?

They are! Our ingredients are formulated specifically to help the wipes decompose easier. 


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With every purchase, together we’re making an impact to change how women everywhere experience their period. For our planet. And Supporting Women Everywhere.

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